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October 4, 2016
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October 27, 2016
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The climate of the Smoky Mountains

Is a fickle evolution,to say the least. Particularly in the last few years, you can never quite predict what kind of weather you might experience in any given season, week or even day sometimes.

An old joke that still sometimes gets used to describe it – “if you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour or so, it’ll change.”

Indeed, this really can happen sometimes, and even a day that was expected to be fully sunny can become stormy.

Weather you… ahem, whether you need backup plans in case a day out in the cities or the mountains might become drenched with rain or the only time you can vacation in the mountains is when the weather is dicey all the way around, fear not, there are many great things to do with the family that don’t require raincoats.

1. WonderWorks

Wow, you could spend an entire day with the family/group at Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge before you get tired! Wonderworks is a huge indoor quasi-edutainment attraction that focuses on fun, thrilling items built out of teaching science and nature. Some of the most impossible things take place at Wonderworks – ever wanted to design your own rollercoaster ride? Experience a hurricane and earthquake in total safety within minutes of each other? Go virtual reality in a number of ways? Engage in an actual psychic duel with a sibling? See tricks and traps that expand your view of the scientific world?

If you’ve said yes to even one of those questions, you need to check out Wonderworks… oh, and it’s also home to that hot air balloon you’ve probably seen on your way through Pigeon Forge!

2. MagiQuest

“4 Attractions In 1!” exclaims the big castle on the parkway in Pigeon Forge and, indeed, MagiQuest lives up to its promise – offering the main attraction as an interactive fantasy-adventure game, a pirate mini-golf course (with black light), “The Vault” which is a room full of lasers you need to navigate through, and the “Odyssey” 5,000 square foot mirror super maze. The main MagiQuest attraction offers a live-action role-playing experience where you use an electronic wand to interact with various items in the castle set and there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the Smokies.

If you and your family want to have the choice for several fun things to do in one spot, MagiQuest is a good choice for all.

3. Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

No list of attractions in the Smokies is complete without mentioning Gatlinburg’s famous Aquarium. Pretty much the entire attraction all takes place indoors and features almost every form of life around the globe’s bodies of water in huge tanks that fit the environments they came from. All your favorites are here: sharks, manta rays, flounders, scorpionfish, eels, poison dart frogs, piranhas, crabs, clownfish (you know, the Finding Nemo fish) and even penguins.

There are dive shows, a cafe, interactive features and much more that make this another potential full day event for you and your group.

4. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum

The aquarium isn’t the only Ripley’s entertainment that can mystify a family or group while its pouring outside – Ripley’s first attraction in Gatlinburg remains one of the best for indoor-only entertainment as exhibits new and old bend the mind in directions it shouldn’t go. See actual marvels from around the world like the rug made from gum wrappers, tribal relics, rare body mutations, grim torture devices from antiquity, incredible feats of strength and endurance, illusions and inventions that are simply unbelievable and more.

5. Titanic Museum

And now, possibly the coup-de-grace for indoor activities in the Smokies, the Titanic Museum is without question the classiest and surprisingly varied museum in Pigeon Forge. The Titanic Museum exists as a living love letter to one of history’s most intriguing events and though pricier than other museums in the area, you definitely get your money’s worth as the building holds incredible items, some from the actual ship itself, such as books, uniforms, postcards, letters, personal effects, and even other more famous items that get to “tour” the Titanic Museums from around the country like the Wallace Hartley Violin.

Additionally, the Titanic Museum also holds a LOT of special events throughout the year where you can meet Titanic figures portrayed by actors, watch firework displays, enjoy celebrations of European cultures and, of course, more.

Of course, with our cabins in the Smoky Mountains, you’ll have quite a bit of fun stuff to enjoy on a rainy day right there for your accommodations! Find the cabin that has the amenities you want on our cabin list here .