Ober Gatlinburg

Welcome to the scenic and exciting four-season world of Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort and Amusement Park, high above Gatlinburg, Tennessee! A mountain top of fun, excitement, and mountain beauty is waiting for you. One of America’s Largest Aerial Tramways departs regularly from downtown Gatlinburg, going directly to the Ski Resort and Amusement Park. The two 120-passenger counterbalanced cars provide an experience for all ages, from the young to the young at heart. The convenience of parking your car downtown and taking the Tram ride (free of charge with a Combo, Day, or Twilight session slope area/lift ticket) is just one of the things we do at Ober Gatlinburg to make your experience a pleasant one. Skate year-round on Ober’s huge indoor ice arena. 

Ice Skating Rink

The indoor ice skating rink is the centerpiece of Ober Gatlinburg’s massive enclosed mall. With over 400 pairs of rental skates available for men, women, and children, you can skate away for an hour or an afternoon. Your ride combines a Scenic Chairlift ride up the mountain with a fun-filled weaving, wandering dipping descent on one of two 1800′ tracks through woods and ski trails. You can control your speed with a braking device on each sled. Accelerate or slow down as you ride down the mountain through curves, straight-aways, and hairpin turns into the valley.

Explore the latest in indoor amusements, skill games, and your favorite interactive high-resolution screen games for all ages and abilities. Try your hand at Caribbean Water Race, Virtua Racing, and Mortal Combat, or relive your youth with nostalgic favorites such as Balloon Darts and Ball Toss. Redeem your tickets for toys, gifts, and more! A visit to the Great Smoky Mountains wouldn’t be complete without a black bear sighting. The Municipal Black Bear Habitat at Ober Gatlinburg offers a fun and educational look at our furry neighbors including our two yearlings. There’s a curator on hand to answer any questions you might have. Can you hit the bulls-eye when you take target practice? Now, how well will you perform UNDER PRESSURE (water pressure actually!) shooting your water gun? Remember, the more you hit the bulls-eye, the closer you get to winning the race. PS: A WINNER EVERY GAME! Rev Up Your Engines! Race against your friends on go-karts on this unique 700-foot, high bank, figure-8 road course. Just My Size. A place for young visitors to enjoy with tunnels to explore, swinging bridges to cross, a web crawl to scramble through, ladders to scale, and chutes to slide down. Kiddie rides include cars and snowmobiles.

Web: Ober Gatlinburg
Address: 1001 Parkway #2
Phone: (800) 682-4386

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