A Wintery Delicious Treat

While you stay with Bear Camp Cabins during this snowy wintery mix, don’t worry about being snowed in, you can still satisfy that sweet craving! Happyhooligans.ca posted this super delicious and super easy 3 ingredient snow cream recipe.

What you’ll need is
8-12 cups of fresh, white, new-fallen snow (a cup here in North America is 8 oz.)
300 ml can of sweetened condensed milk (10 ounces)
1 tsp vanilla (found in your Bear Camp Cabin)
Large bowl (found in your Bear Camp Cabin)
measuring cup (found in your Bear Camp Cabin)
wooden spoon (found in your Bear Camp Cabin)
freezer-proof container for storing your leftovers (found in your Bear Camp Cabin)

Mix all snow and sweetened condensed milk and vanilla together and enjoy! This decadent treat is something to make this snow storm Jonas or any snow storm memorable!

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