Things To Do in September

Things To Do in September

When you think of September, what comes to mind? Super clear, sunshine days where the heat is dropping slowly from Summer's highs to the comfort temps of Spring? The kids starting a new school year and silently filling the second half of the calendar year with a sense of optimism for new possibilities? Well certainly we all have thoughts that turn those directions once we enter the 9th month of 12, but if you're like us, those thoughts tend to get overshadowed by knowing that we're entering "Harvest Festival" quite soon and that slowly changing colors from miles around, misty mornings in the forests and cinnamon and pumpkin spice will be ubiquitous in the fragrant atmosphere.

Harvest Festival is where the entire county, in various ways, celebrates our Appalachian heritage with all the trimmings - cornstalks, hay rides, aforementioned spice fragrance, Appalachian dishes and desserts and plenty of ways to enjoy the awesome views of the mountains while you take in the rest.

Now, a reminder, we don't see a significant color change in September. It starts in September, but it doesn't peak until close to Halloween. This month is designed to help build some hype for the Harvest theme as well as offer other activities for adults to enjoy now that the kids are back in school - such as the Rod Runs in Pigeon Forge. There will still be plenty to see and enjoy that can either make you wish it was still 1902 here in the Smokies or just something fun for you and your group in general.

Let's take a look:

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