Celebrate Autumn at The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

Fall Festivals and Rotary Craft Tent

The seasons of the Smoky Mountains have dedicated atmospheres along with designated attitudes and celebrations. During the holiday Winterfest we focus on family and traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas cheer. After that, we look forward to the post-holiday Winterfest as a time for romance and relaxation. In the Spring, we look forward to the newness of life rejuvenating in the mountains and then comes Summer when we celebrate vacation time with a plethora of parties, events and attractions.


So what do we do for Autumn? Autumn is a time to reflect on our roots in the mountains and the official title of the season is "Harvest Festival". All that is old comes new again while the rest of life in the Smokies begins to wind down or die out until they come back in the Spring. It's a poignant and potentially haunting atmosphere during Fall, but that's the way we like it and we know you will too!


For those of you staying with us at Bear Camp this coming October, we'd like to suggest those of you who want to indulge in this season and atmosphere make time to visit the Old Mill in nearby Pigeon Forge. This area is pretty much the prime Autumnal celebration center with a multitude of stores, eateries and the Patriot Park to provide old-timey Appalachian harvest bliss.


The Old Mill attractions include:

* The Old Mill General Store

* Pigeon River Pottery

* Farmhouse Kitchen

* The Old Mill Creamery

* The Old Mill Candy Kitchen

* Sassafras

* The Old Mill Restaurant

* The Old Mill Pottery House Cafe and Grill

* Hikey Mikey


And many more.


In addition, the Old Mill will be having the traditional Pigeon Forge Rotary Craft Fair in a huge tent in the parking lot of Patriot Park. This is a fun little activity that provides more outlets for local artists to display genuine Smoky Mountain crafts ranging from clothing and woodwork to paintings, Christmas decor and much more. There is also typically live music performers who play Smoky Mountain folk music inside the tent. Admission is by donation. The Rotary Craft Fair will go on from October 1st to the 29th.


Finally, the Old Mill and Patriot Park act as the central hub for the Pigeon Forge trolley system and can get you to Dollywood where they have their own big festival going on with arts, crafts, colors, and Southern Gospel music from September 30th to October 29th.


You can get to these locations and events and many others quite easily from our cabins at here at Bear Camp! We hope we get to see you during the big color change and we hope you get to see it too.

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