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Among the classiest things you and your partner can enjoy in the Smoky Mountains are the aristocratic-level wines provided by the many wonderful wineries we have in Sevier County. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, we have half a dozen wineries within an hour's worth of driving time that you can visit as well as the Rocky Top Wine Trail.

From the Rocky Top Wineries website:

"Travel the Rocky Top Wine Trail while “picnicking” along the way!” Enjoy a glass of wine (your choice of two offerings) paired with delicious picnic foods at each of the following (3) locations: Mountain Valley Winery, Hillside Winery, and Sugarland Cellars Winery. Take home a commemorate Tumbler glass and receive your free souvenir wine glass after visiting the three participating locations on the Rocky Top Wine Trail. Info on the food offerings and wine pairings to follow soon."


Mountain Valley Winery 

2174 Parkway

Pigeon Forge, TN 37863



- Chardonnay
"Complex white dinner wine aged in oak."

- Cabernet Sauvignon
"Tennessee River Valley Cabernet blended together with California Merlot."

- Mountain Valley White
"A medium sweet German style wine similar to a Riesling."

- Mountain Valley Blush
"A medium-sweet wine made from a blend of several grape varieties."

- Mountain Peach
"A fruity & sweet wine bursting with the flavor of fresh peaches."

- Rhubarb
"This wine made from 100% Rhubarb offers complex citrus flavors of lemon and pink grapefruit."

- Muscadine
"This white sweet wine is unique to the southeast and tastes like you plucked the grapes straight off the vine.

- Collier Reserve
"This sweet red wine is made from our finest red muscadine selection."

- Mountain Valley Red
"A sweet blend of Concord and other native American grapes."

- Mountain Berry
"A sweet red wine made from a blend of Concord and Raspberry."

- Blackberry
"Sweet wine made from delicious ripe blackberries."

- Black Raspberry Rapture
"100% Black Raspberry wine that has been aged in oak barrels.  Very dark in color with bright acidity and a delicious flavor of black raspberries. 375mL"


Hillside Valley Winery 

229 Collier Dr,

Sevierville, TN 37862



- Zinfandel
"A bold, rich red wine that originated in Italy where it is known as Primitivo.

- Sangiovese
"Traditional Italian style red wine (chianti) that is great with pasta or on its own."

- Sauvignon Blanc
"Hints of honey and melon on the nose lead to flavors of cantaloupe & lemon zest. This bright and beautiful white wine promises to be a favorite of the summer."

- Pinot Grigio
"A slight bit of sweetness goes a long way in accentuating the fruit of this white wine made in the traditional Italian style."

- Raspberry Blush
"A slightly sweet blend of white grape wine and raspberry wine."

- Don Rosso
"Our proprietary blend of “Spaghetti” Red that is easy to drink on its own but superb with food."

- Cantina Bianca
"Sweet and fantastically aromatic this wine is made in the fine tradition of Italian Muscato and Tennessee Muscadine."

- Vino Rosso
"A blend of several red grape varieties that finishes off southern style… meaning sweet!

- Black and Blue
"A delicious blend of blackberries and blueberries that excites the palate and is rich in antioxidants so drink up it is not only good tasting but it is good for you too!

- Sangria
"This enticing wine is a blend of red wine with refreshing citrus flavors and hints of cherry and pineapple."

- Sonata
"This dry, Brut style bubbly wine made from Vidal Blanc and Cayuga will please the taste of even the harshest critic."

- Hillside Spumante
"This sweet bubbly white wine is made in the tradition of an Asti."

- Muscadine Spumante
"The official flavor of the south made into a fantastic and sweet bubbly wine."

- Raspberry Spumante
"This sweet bubbly wine is bursting with the flavor of raspberry and leaves you with a tart finish.

- Poinsettia
"This is a delightful bubbly cranberry wine. $5 of the first 1000 bottles sold is donated to the American Cancer Society."

- King Of South
"Our very popular Muscadine Dessert wine offering has returned! 100% Muscadine wine with a slighter higher alcohol content than our normal offerings."




Sugarland Cellars

1133 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738



- Century Red (1802)
"This Pinot Noir has aromas of cedar and tobacco with a long rich finish and fine tannis."

- Hellbender
"This dry, red has aromas of fig and cedar with notes of  dark, sweet cherry and sandalwood on the palate."

- Century White (Greenbrier)
"A floral and tropical white wine with a pleasant semi sweet finish."

- Martha Jane Rosé
"Fruit of the vine, work of Southern hands. This juicy blend of red and white Muscadine is sure to have you whistling Dixie!"

- Baskins Creek Blanc
"This white wine has modest melon and citrus notes with a pleasant sweet honey finish."

- Elkmont
"A semi-sweet wine made from Loganberries, this berry is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.  This unique wine has a sweet, tart and lasting finish."

- Wiley Oakley
"This “Roaming Wine of the Mountains” is a charming combination of Concord grape and Blueberry wine.

- Mountain Laurel
"A Southern tradition made with a variety of Muscadine grapes prized for their rich flavor and aroma."

- Cherry – Kee
"This wine is reminiscent of grandma’s cherry pie. Made from 100% cherries, this sweet wine has a tart pleasant finish that will take you back to simpler times!"

- Blackbeary Peach
"A peach wine blended with blackberries… sweet and tart at the same time! Perfect for a picnic in the Park.

- Autumn’s Path
"This semi-sweet wine is a blend of Sunbelt and red Muscat that will be perfect to enjoy while admiring the ever-changing foliage this time of year."

- Ogle Heritage
"Aromas of honeysuckle with notes of sandalwood. On the palate, extremely smooth flavors of toasted pear, green melon, and oak with a clean zesty finish that is long in duration."

Enjoy your picnic and please drink responsibly!


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