Winter Hiking in the Smokies


Winter Hiking in the Smokies

Hiking in the Smokies can be a fantastic experience.  The snow capped scenery and icy tree branches will leave you with memorable photographs along your chosen trail.  Keep in mind a few safety tips for your winter adventure.

1.  Let someone know of your trip plans, expected departure and arrival times.

2.  Check the weather and plan ahead, while the scenery is beautiful, ice can lead to danger of injury on the trails.  Also the time of day can be key, the weather will be much more amicable to your time spent on the trail during peak sunlight hours.  The temperature will be higher and less frozen patches.

3. Always be sure to bring your cell phone in case of emergency, layer your clothing, and bring plenty of water.

A safe hike in winter can be a great experience and what better place to return to than a warm secluded cabin?  Be sure to check out Bear Camp Cabins for your post trek needs!

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