The LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge

Pop quiz, hotshot. What do the following have in common:



  • Hundreds and hundreds of awesome hot rods

  • Christian youth groups

  • Master classes in groove dancing

  • Quilts that could win people money

  • A national championship by the Eastern Cheer & Dance Association

  • An invasion of the best jeep vehicles in America

  • A huge and popular anime convention that brings top voice acting talent from American localization companies to the Smokies and

  • Convenience to both The Island and walking distance to The Old Mill



You probably guessed it - The LeConte Center in downtown Pigeon Forge!

Pigeon Forge is a major center of reunions and events in our region of the country, but one thing we sorely missed for so long was having our own official conference center that was easy to find, get to and operate from therein. In 2013, such void was filled with the LeConte Conference Center being finished and opening for business in October of that year between the main Pigeon Forge parkway and the parallel Teaster Road, a location that is just about perfect for many matters of convenience and most staying in Pigeon Forge for any special events they want to participate at LeConte.

Convenience alone isn't what makes LeConte something worthy to write a blog about - this is a $50,000,000 project that was to "serve as a catalyst for development in the city, stimulate investment, create jobs, and create economic vitality and impact through scheduled functions that attract large numbers of out-of-town visitors" according to It is a 232,000 square foot property with a 100,500 square foot "clear span" exhibit and event space. It has a main hall with a seating capacity for over 12,000 patrons and participants. The location shares the enormous parking lot with The Island, so occupancy should rarely be a problem and parking fees absolutely not (parking is free). Free WiFi internet is available for guests, patrons and event staff, and with all the technical marvel presented by the conference center, LeConte has won Green Certification by Skye Con Environment Consulting.

And what kind of events does LeConte Conference have? We hinted at some above, but now you have some ideas on it, here's some more information:

* Corvette Expo *

March 2nd - March 3rd

"Corvette lovers are converging in Pigeon Ford for the Spring Corvette Expo. The expo has been one of the most popular car shows in the area for more than 40 years. The Corvette Expo will feature dozens of show cars and vendors as well as a sales corral. In total there will be over 500 cars and more than 100 vendors attending the event. This year’s Corvette Expo will include flight judging by NCRS members of the southeast chapter." - LeConte website.

* Groove Dance Nationals *

March 10th - March 11th

"Join us at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN to EXPERIENCE our events, learn how to improve, compete with the BEST and to let your dancers GROOVE in our electrifying master classes! Like all GROOVE events, the GROOVE Dance Nationals at LeConte Center attracts all star dancers from near and far." - LeConte website.

* Shabbach Youth Conference *

March 16th - March 18th

"The Shabbach Youth Conference attracts young attendees from all over the country that want to build their commitment to live for Jesus. The mission is to reach a whole generation in a new way. Each year more than 2,000 people participate in the Shabbach Youth Conference. The conference welcomes attendees of all ages, even as young as two years old. Attendees learn to forge the path that God has laid for them, to trust in his plan and renew their faith. The conference features fun games, faith-based activities and inspiring discussions with guest speakers." - LeConte website.

* A Mountain Quiltfest *

March 20th - March 24th

"A Mountain Quiltfest™ is a five-day long event taking place March 20th through the 24th." - LeConte website.

* Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference *

April 5th - April 6th

"Get fired up about your faith at the Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference! This two-day event promotes Christian morals and living among today’s youth. The Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference also includes an expo where ministries are able to share their missionary work, Christian CDs and information on bible schools. All those who are interested in attending are encouraged to show up." - LeConte website

* Great Smoky Mountain Open National Championship *

April 7th

"Cheerleaders and dancers can compete against the best of the best at the Great Smoky Mountain National Championship. It’s one of six national events held by Eastern Cheer & Dance." - LeConte website

And many more that are listed up to the end of 2018.

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