Plan a Pigeon Forge Cabin Wedding in 5 Steps

Congratulations on your engagement! Now you’re in the thick of wedding planning, and there is no better location for your big day than one of our cabins in Pigeon Forge. Here is an easy guide for having a Pigeon Forge cabin wedding with us:

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1. Location

You have already chosen a general location for your wedding, but now you have to decide which cabin will provide the perfect ambience for your special day. You can choose a completely secluded cabin in Pigeon Forge for a private ceremony feel, or you could get a large chalet that you can share with your whole family for the wedding weekend. Are the Smoky Mountains doubling as your honeymoon location? Then a one bedroom cabin will be perfect for a Pigeon Forge cabin wedding and honeymoon!

2. Guests

Now that you have chosen a location, you can decide how big your wedding is going to be. A more intimate wedding will include just your closest family and friends and is perfect if you have chosen a secluded cabin or a one bedroom for your ceremony. However, if you have booked a large cabin in Pigeon Forge, you can accommodate all of your friends and extended family.

3. Bridal Party

Few things give someone more joy than being asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman. The size of your wedding will determine how many attendants you will have. A very small wedding would mean only one or two attendants each (unless you have ten sisters, of course!); however, a larger wedding can allow you as many close friends as you like to stand up with you.

4. When

Now that you have a where and who, you need to decide on when. The time of your wedding should be what is most convenient for your family and guests, but ultimately what you as a couple want. A weekday wedding will be less expensive in terms of vendors, but your guests may have trouble leaving work for a destination wedding on a weekday. A weekend will allow for more attendees. The time of day will indicate the formality of the wedding. Morning and evening weddings are more formal, while afternoon weddings are generally a more casual affair. Be aware of how pictures may turn out at different times of the day when making your decision.

5. Attire

Now that you have the rest of the details sorted out, you can go dress shopping! Remember that the time of day traditionally indicates the formality of the wedding, but it is your wedding, and there aren’t any hard and fast rules anymore. Just be sure to remember that the formality of your gown needs to match the bridesmaid dresses. You don’t want to be wearing a short cocktail dress while your bridesmaids have on ball gowns! Also, indicate on your invitations what sort of attire is expected of your guests.

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Photo Credit: Tammra McCauley

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